Using a Treadmill Correctly

Most people just jump right on board and get to work without a thought of there being a right and wrong way to use a treadmill. It seems simple enough, get on and start walking as fast or slow as you want with the possibility of a slight incline. However, the proper walking on a treadmill will make it possible for you to walk for longer and be more productive overall. Consider a few ideas related to walking on a treadmill.

First, understand that you need to get a grip on your balance and not use your arms to do so. Your arms should swing at your sides just as they do when you walk or jog in real life. Not having your arms swinging at your side could cause some tension in your arms or make a cramp that you are not ready to deal with. In addition, you could be hurting the circulation throughout your arms by not keeping them in a comfortable swinging motion.

Next, it is vitally important to have the right footwork when you are walking or jogging on a treadmill. Some people have a very heavy and uncomfortable way of running or jogging that could cause undo stress on the knees and back, but walking with the heels and balls of your feet will be much more comfortable. Running or walking in this same continuation will make you much more relaxed when getting off the treadmill at the end of your workout.

Finally, don’t make a strange motion with your hips while walking on a treadmill. Make the same motion that you don when you walk in the regular streets and sidewalks, don’t cause unnecessary stress on your body by not keeping a straightforward posture with your hips and shoulders. Keeping one on top of the other and being as normal as possible will make you much happier upon exiting the treadmill.

Doing all of these things will make for a much more comfortable and relaxing treadmill experience. Enjoy your investment and get in shape for the rest of your life, enjoy your treadmill!

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