Understanding the Treadmill

There are a number of things that you should know before you purchase a treadmill and they are most likely the things that you know nothing about. After all, nobody sits around and makes a hobby out of talking about the latest model treadmill on the market and they certainly don’t talk about the features. However, you are looking to buying a treadmill and want to know what to look for and in that case, keep reading.

> The frame of your treadmill should be metal and extend perpendicularly to the handlebars from the running deck. The frame is important because of the wear and tear it will endure by your running. > The running deck is the surface that you run on and it should be wide enough and in good enough traction to make your running experience an enjoyable one. > The running belt is the actual moving rubber that you run on, much like a moving walkway in the Airport. This should be a stable surface due to the amount of running you will do on it. > The motor will make the running belt move on a regular basis and you should learn a little about it to make sure you are making the right purchase. Get close to what is considered the best motor on the market. > The incline motor will control the incline that makes the workout a little more difficult, making the workout more productive. Make sure you slowly integrate it into your routine, it will not be easy at first. > The console and the computer will determine what you can do with the machine, it is where all the bells and whistles are stored!

This is a basic crash course on the important parts of the treadmill to consider when making the decision to purchase one of the machines. Make sure that you know what you are buying before hand to prevent any misunderstandings. Enjoy your treadmill and understand that it isn’t built to withstand any more than the basic workouts, and your pets won’t like it!

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