Treadmill Health

No matter what your goals are when you begin the use of a treadmill it is possible to be as successful as you want to be. Losing a lot of weight, getting into good shape, or increasing your circulation is as easy as slicing a piece of pie, but what information do we have to back this up? How are we so sure that the use of a treadmill will be the best thing to happen to your body since conception? Let’s consider a few facts before going any further.

1. Around 14% of people not considered adults say that they engage in recent physical activity about as much as a monkey takes a shower, which if you are keeping score at home, is hardly ever. 2. As age increases most youths begin to decline in overall physical activity due to the abundance of other entertainment activities available and the inherit “coolness” in being lazy. 3. Most Americans between 12 and 21 admit that they get no truly thorough exercise on a regular basis. Not just a little bit, but none! 4. Schools that design and implement a regular exercising schedule have a great amount of success in the effectiveness of the program. Meaning that kids that are actually shown how to exercise have a tremendous amount of drive to continue to do so. 5. In the same ilk, friends and family can be the biggest encouragement to creating and maintaining an exercise schedule. Contributing the inherit coolness of being lazy today, if exercise was popular then weight loss would have a few less problems.

What all of this tells us is two main things, we are exercising less as a whole society than ever before and if we are taught how to exercise on a regular basis we will likely continue to do so. Like many things in life, the impression time is from the womb to the school, not the high school to the college dorm. If we are taught how to exercise in our youth we will likely continue to do so later on.

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