Treadmill Adjustment and Alignment

A treadmill is a wonderful piece of exercise equipment and is priceless when you need to blow off some steam in a constructive manner. While your treadmill looks nothing like a car it actually does need to be maintained similar to one, but there are no treadmill mechanic shops to take your machine to so you must do it yourself. To be able to maintain your treadmill in the correct manner then you need to follow a few simple guidelines to make it exceptional.

Your tread belt on your treadmill is usually constructed very well when it is shipped to the retailer and before it gets to the consumer it is in tip top shape. However, with the wear and tear of time it will become a little less functional and will need a little bit of tightening to get the best possible use. Turning the belt clockwise just one fourth of a turn with an Allen wrench will usually do the trick to keep the tread belt functioning at a high level. Most manufacturers will provide you with an Allen wrench in the box that the machine came in, if not then it is a good investment. When adjusting the tread belt it is important to let the treadmill run at a very low rate, helping it tighten as it goes.

The belt of the treadmill should be adjusted in the same manner with the emphasis being on a SLIGHT adjustment every couple of months or so. The turn should be the same, about a fourth of a turn of an Allen wrench. This is not easy for a lot of people so make sure that the turn isn’t too much causing you to overdo the adjustment. When you hear a slight knocking while moving on your treadmill then you have probably got a problem with the belt. Adjust it and avoid any long term damage to your equipment.

You don’t have to be a skilled mechanic to work on a treadmill; you just have to have a basic knowledge of how to use a tool. You may not like it but it will save you a few dollars in the long run.

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