The Treadmill Decision

What if you didn’t go to the gym everyday but still got what feels like the guidance of a personal trainer in your workout sessions? This sounds like one of those great ideas that they had on The Jetsons that never really came to fruition, but it is absolutely true. While it may cost a little more to the consumer and take a little bit to get used to, the dashboard of your treadmill can be your own personal trainer. Here are a few things to consider when purchasing your treadmill personal trainer:

* Do you need a treadmill that is easy to move around and easy to store? If you want a treadmill with every feature available it will probably be quite large, just how big do you want? Make an informed decision; you will have to live with it! * Do you need a heart rate monitor? Many people like this to show them just how rigorous their training is and tell them when to speed up and when to slow down. While it isn’t impossible to do without, it is nice to have, but not hard to find. * How are you going to maintain your treadmill? If it takes a good bit of cleaning and repair then you need to think the decision through. You will be living with this large purchase so make the best decision you can. * Are you looking to run or walk? Depending on your knees and your personal preference you may like to walk on a treadmill instead of run. If this is the case then you may not need a treadmill with a lot of durability, just get one that is well made and easy to keep. * Are you hoping to have an internet ready treadmill? There are websites that will help with diet and exercise plans that allow the linking of a treadmill to the internet to get a good reading for the personal trainer. Using this could help you in the long run, but may not be worth the price.

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