Treadmill Don’ts: The Short and Narrow

Nobody likes driving through a construction area that has walls on either side, narrowing the road. Nobody likes to walk down a crowded sidewalk and bump into anybody and everybody on the way. Why would anybody want to purchase a treadmill with a short and narrow walkway that contributed to a difficult walking experience? Anybody with any knowledge of a treadmill would know to not do this, but for those of you that don’t know, consider a few things about a short and narrow treadmill walkway.

* The short and narrow track could cause serious problems with your hips, shoulders, and back due to the uncomfortable and unnatural strides you must make to walk. Your body has gotten used to a certain way of walking throughout your life and changing that in the middle of a stressful and arduous workout can cause you to suffer from soreness and aching for days. A long and wide walkway will allow you to walk as you please. * People with long legs need a long walkway to keep from tripping over their own feet or the frame of the treadmill that they are using. If the frame has a low bar or short walkway tripping is more possible and a nasty spill could ensue that could result in a head injury or break or sprain of the leg. Purchasing a long walkway is good for any exerciser, but the long-legged in particular will benefit from it. * A longer walkway will allow the runner to take on a stronger pace with a harder incline due to having more walkway to overcome the strain of the workout. If you are running fast and going uphill then you need a little more room to maneuver, a longer walkway will make that possible.

As you can see, there are the merits to having a longer and wider walkway over a short and narrow one with the most obvious case being the ability to stride comfortably. Don’t underestimate your body’s ability to have a comfortable stride, don’t test it either, you won’t like the results!

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