The Don’ts of Treadmill Purchasing

You don’t know much about how to buy a treadmill and you know that it is a purchase that you are going to make regardless of this small fact. Sometimes the better thing to know is not what to buy but what NOT to buy and in that spirit I have compiled a list of a few short things that should be followed on the way to buy a treadmill. Consider these and have a carefree shopping experience.

* If a treadmill doesn’t have a warranty it is for a reason, they do not expect it to last long. Don’t make a large purchase without considering the possibility of the product not being durable. * If a treadmill has a start speed that is higher than 1 mile per hour then it is not worth purchasing. This can be uncomfortable and unsafe to the runner that is starting without stretching. Warm up and ease into your workout. * Don’t buy a treadmill that does not have an electronic incline, even if it is a manual electronic incline it is okay. However, dismounting and maneuvering a treadmill to raise the incline is not worth the hassle. * Short and narrow walking surface areas are not worth the discomfort since they will require you to alter your stride into uncomfortable and straining motions. Get the largest walkway you can get for your dollar. * If a treadmill has less than 1.5 horsepower then it might as well be a concrete sidewalk. Get a treadmill that can give you a little bit of power and a little bit of incline. Don’t waste your money on a weak treadmill. * If a treadmill is so weak or soft that it shakes and rattles while you walk then it is not worth purchasing. If it starts out in that poor condition then it will not last long and should not even be considered.

Granted, the ultimate decision on what to buy is up to you, but you have been forewarned that these features are dangerous and poor craftsmanship. Enjoy the best possible machine for your workout!

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