Treadmill Don’ts: Shake and Rattle

Nobody goes out to buy a car and says, “I really hope I can find a car with a loud knocking noise that makes me wonder if I’ll make it home.” What you want is durability and precision in your experience and that is no different when you are buying a treadmill. Elvis was very fond of doing a shake, rattle, and roll but this is something you definitely do not want to experience while trying to complete a workout on a treadmill. Especially the roll part, that doesn’t sound fun at all.

First, just get a feel for how the machine works. Will you be able to walk on this machine without feeling like it is going to start spewing nuts and bolts in every direction? If you feel like you are walking on a piece of old wood with a piece of rubber over it then it probably isn’t the best investment for you. Not to knock some treadmill makers, but this does happen quite often. Don’t try to save a dollar, get a solid walking track.

Second, how did you feel while you were walking on the treadmill as far as safety is concerned? If you felt a little bit shaky and unsure of your balance then you should probably move on to another model. This feeling will not likely go away and you will be stuck with a treadmill that barely suits your personal needs in the area of safety. Go for a jog, walk, or run just as you would at home; don’t make it feel like it isn’t a normal process because you may end up with a machine that you don’t like!

Third, find out how easy it is to maneuver the treadmill in terms of folding it up for storage and moving it into another room. You never know if you are going to like it where you wanted it once you get it into the house, so find out if it is easily moved. If the treadmill doesn’t fold up easily and instead feels like a burned taco shell when you try to bend it then you probably need to find an alternative device.

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