Safety Features and Your Treadmill

There is nothing more important than your health, but within your health lies your safety and that is very important when buying a treadmill. In order to make the right purchase to protect you and your family or friends from being injured while working out on your treadmill you should make sure your system comes with a few indispensable features. Safety is first, it wasn’t just your mother’s favorite saying!

The comfort level of your feet striking the walking surface is very important to the safety and comfort of your feet and knees. The treadmill is generally better that walking on a sidewalk because the feet aren’t striking the hard concrete. Make sure your treadmill has a good degree of comfort.

Hand rails may not be the most attractive or cool thing to use but using them properly could save you from a nasty spill ending with your head on the floor. You shouldn’t get used to gripping them while walking, but using them for balance is not necessarily a bad thing.

Safety switches are very important to keep from the system not shutting off after a nasty fall. These are the strings that are attached to the system that shut it off if they are pulled. They may not look very cool or be the most attractive accessory for your workout gear, but they may be something that saves you from serious injury.

The warranty is the best thing to save you from potential harm, be it more financial safety than physical safety. If your treadmill malfunctions which is possible regardless of the make and model it is good to be able to replace it or have it repaired. Check your limits and use your warranty wisely to protect your treadmill investment.

Safety is not always the first thing we think of when we board a treadmill, but it can be very important to you and your success with a workout routine. Use the treadmill the right way and get the most out of your safety features.

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