Treadmill Don’ts: No Speed

If you are going for a run does it make sure to walk one step every five seconds? Will your heart rate rise enough to make a significant difference in your health if you stand still for the duration of your workout? Obviously, these are extremes, but what if you really did buy a treadmill that offered as much speed as a drunken turtle? Would your investment be about as good as an air conditioner to someone living in an igloo? Probably.

Even though you probably aren’t the type that is going to be tossing out any six minute mile runs anytime soon, it is a good idea to buy a treadmill that has this kind of ability. Not for the off chance that you will one day reach this speed, but because if it is built with this capability then it probably is built with the maximum amount of durability and flexibility in the motor as is possible in the field.

If you are a runner in your treadmill workouts then you definitely need to invest in a treadmill that can go as fast as any treadmill on the market. This is more of dangling the carrot in front of the horse than anything else, sometimes just having a goal can make the difference in a workout. If you are running 9.5 mph then what is your next realistic goal on the chain to workout success? You obviously don’t make it to retirement and the treadmill hall of fame if you reach an unreachable number, why work any harder?

One thing to keep in mind if you are the type that likes to run fast or buy the machine that could teach them to run fast is that there is a degree of danger when running on a treadmill. Many a person has tripped and fallen mid-stride causing a good deal of pain and discomfort so if you are going to run fast then you need to make sure it is the safest run you can do. Use the emergency release and safety switch to ensure that you will have no nasty spills.

Speed may not be a concern for many treadmill users because of the preference to run or walk slow on the surface. The idea to keep in mind is the craftsmanship in a fast treadmill against a slow treadmill.

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