Treadmill Don’ts: Money Back Guarantees

A treadmill is certainly not as big of a purchase as a house or a new car, but in my book anything over $1,000 is a big purchase and I want to make sure that I am getting the most for my money. If a piece of equipment is supposed to help me lose weight then I want to make sure that it is at least as durable as I am because it will have to teach me how to be an exercise enthusiast. Putting your hard earned money into something that could be poorly made is a bad decision, but doing so when the manufacturer is basically telling you it isn’t a great buy is even worse.

When a treadmill manufacturer advertises a “money back guarantee” they are making a bold statement to prove their faith in their product and they are covering their collective butts against being labeled a poorly made product. If they guarantee that you will get another product then they are essentially saying that they have some problems, but they don’t know what they are until you use if for a while. With only a few minutes to test a machine at the retailer you don’t have much of a chance to thoroughly check your investment.

The retailer can’t guarantee that the product will work because they can’t allow people to walk for hours on their machines during the day. However, with your experience at home you can tell if the investment is good or not, if its not then you get reimbursed. Manufacturers that don’t guarantee their money back and don’t even offer a warranty are basically telling you that they don’t have faith in their product and aren’t going to get behind it. If a company is willing to sell a product and collect the check that you write then they should put their money where their mouth is and prepare for the inevitable.

This isn’t anything new in shopping the retail stores and making a large purchase. Don’t buy from those that don’t believe in their product, they don’t believe in it for a reason.

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