Making Good Use of Your Treadmill

If you constantly swing the steering column on your car and run it off of the road then you are likely damaging it in a way that will cause it to need extensive work after a short period of time. The same is true of your treadmill investment, if it isn’t taken care of then it will likely end up blowing up in your face in a short period of time. It is actually very easy to maintain a treadmill if you follow a few very simple tips that I am going to give you.

Don’t use your treadmill on an uneven surface that puts more strain on one side of the treadmill than the other. Use your treadmill on a level floor that distributes the weight equally and fairly. This could seriously affect the tracking belt and tread belt that run your treadmill which could cause some horrific noises and wear that is beyond your normal use. Understand that your treadmill needs the same amount of balance as a good car, it needs to distribute evenly.

The power cord, belt, and deck of your treadmill should follow the standard rules of such equipment. The power cord should stay out of the reach of children, be blocked from the use of a dog’s mouth, and shouldn’t be anywhere near a water source. The belt should be maintenance regularly to make sure that the belt and walking belt are as tight as they need to be. The deck should be kept clean and free of any debris that could cause the falling or injuring of a walker.

Keep from having high friction between the deck and belt or risk having damage done to one or both of the components. High friction between these two components could cause damage to motor electronics and could make walking on your treadmill unsafe from the start.

Following these steps are not the only way to have your treadmill last the duration, but they certainly will help delay the inevitable. Enjoy your treadmill as much as you can, but don’t neglect to take care of it.

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