Maintaining Your Treadmill

You have made a costly investment in the treadmill of your choice, why would you want to ruin that by not maintaining the treadmill in the proper manner? You keep your car clean and your house free from pests, keep your treadmill maintained so you don’t lose a bit of that time, money, and energy you put in to purchasing it in the first place. Here are a few tips for maintaining your treadmill:

* Every month you should unplug the treadmill for a good period of time, at least 20 minutes to take off the motor cover and vacuum out anything harmful on the inside. Don’t touch the electronics, they are sensitive, but keep the motor clean. Slide a clean cloth over the tread belt to wipe the deck and keep it clean and manageable. Apply lubrication to the tread belt to keep it running as good as possible and check the drive belt tension to adjust it as it is needed. The tread belt tension should be adjusted regularly, at least once a month as well, to keep it as sharp and functional as possible. * Every week you should vacuum the deck area between the tread belt and frame to keep it nice and tidy. Wipe the display with a cleaning agent that keeps the screen clean and bacteria free. Also, wipe down the handrails and traction strips with soapy cloth to ensure that it stays free of any kind of grease, bacteria, or slime. The outer image of your treadmill should be cleaned regularly to keep from losing its look. This is not difficult to begin or maintain as the cleaning is similar to wiping down a windowsill or television screen.

Some of this will keep your treadmill presentable while other parts of it will keep your treadmill functional and give it a chance for a long lifetime. Don’t let your investment go to waste, keep up with your treadmill as much as you need to.

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