Give the Treadmill a Run

You don’t buy a car without giving it a test drive, you don’t buy a bed without laying on it, and you don’t buy a house without walking around in it first. Why would you buy a treadmill without getting on it and going for a run first? You wouldn’t and you shouldn’t, but what should you look for when you jump on at the sporting goods store to take the treadmill for a run? Read on and find out what the telling points of good manufacturing are in your potential treadmill.

First, just get a feel for how the machine works. Will you be able to easily manage all of the functions on the menu to be able to stop and start and manage your workout? If you are of the type that needs to have a bottle of water handy, can you reach it while you are in mid-jog? Some of this may sound funny to you, but if you are going to use this thing to get a good workout every day then you need to be as comfortable on it as you possibly can.

Second, how did you feel while you were walking on the treadmill as far as safety is concerned? If you felt a little bit shaky and unsure of your balance then you should probably move on to another model. This feeling will not likely go away and you will be stuck with a treadmill that barely suits your personal needs in the area of safety. Go for a jog, walk, or run just as you would at home; don’t make it feel like it isn’t a normal process because you may end up with a machine that you don’t like!

Third, find out how easy it is to maneuver the treadmill in terms of folding it up for storage and moving it into another room. You never know if you are going to like it where you wanted it once you get it into the house, so find out if it is easily moved. Most treadmills are but there are always the types that don’t work the same because they saved a dollar where the consumer wasn’t paying attention. Pay attention!

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