Treadmill Don’ts: Discounting Features

With a treadmill there is a myriad of extra features that you can get for a little bit of extra money that may look ridiculous or not needed at first, but what if they do serve a purpose? Consider a few things about the extra features that are available to you as the consumer and see if you still feel the way you do about the features in front of you.

Heart Rate Monitor- The heart rate monitor can be great for those that are trying to get very specific in what they need to work on during their workout. Your heart rate makes a huge difference in the effectiveness of your workout and should be used if at all possible. Find program that makes the best use of your heart rate and enjoy the benefits.

Speed- Depending on how you like to work out you can basically get a treadmill that is built for your style. Walking is much easier to find as every treadmill has slower paced walks, but the jogging may require a more heavy duty and speed increased version.

Dashboard- Treadmills that have a basic reading of distance, time, and speed aren’t too expensive and should be purchased if at all possible. The convenience and ease of this feature is simply too good to pass up.

Incline Percentage- The highest that most high dollar treadmills will go is about 15%, but most people will only use between 2 and 4%. Good solid incline is not for everybody as some people have shins and calves that are not ready for the strain that they will be given as a result.

Incline Adjustment- Most lower cost treadmills will have a manual incline that moves as the exerciser decides to press the button to increase or decrease the level. Higher dollar models will change with the runner’s heart rate or go on a workout plan that adjusts constantly throughout the workout.

Don’t just consider the features to be how big and expensive the treadmill is, consider everything it has to offer you from cup holders to walking belts.

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