What is Pilates?

Pilates is one of the most popular forms of exercise in the world. It is growing to more and more people around the world. This is a great method used to get people in shape and to help them feel great about whom they are and their body. It seems that everyone is trying Pilates and getting turned on to the feeling that it gives them. This is a great exercise that deserves a standing ovation.

More and more people are trying Pilates today because they are seeing the results that others are getting from it. There is no reason to not try it. Most everyone that does continues to use the Pilates workout for his or her daily routine in fitness.

The benefits that many people brag about for Pilates are overwhelming. They are stating that the Pilates are helping them stay stronger, leaner, and more graceful than ever before. This is something to be excited about and to use to your advantage. You will be able to do the Pilates workouts with ease and you will fee the difference after the first workout that you do.

Pilates is about core strength. The basic idea is that of the core muscles. You will feel stronger and know that you are doing your exercises properly when you feel the burn and the tightness of your back and abdominal muscles. You will be able to move better without having the unnecessary tension in your body.

As you start to develop your core strength you will see that you are more stable through your torso as well. You will see that you will have more strength as well. This will help you keep your body able to move in just about any direction that you want to. There are six different principles of Pilates that you should know about to help you better understand the intentions of the exercise program.

These six principles are * Centering * Control * Flow * Breath * Precision * Concentration These are very important to know so that you have a high quality Pilates workout. You will be able to maximize your Pilates method and emphasize on your quality for the power that you will have from the exercises. Pilates is something that does not include a lot of repeating. Instead, you will have precision and see the significant results with each move that you perform. You will notice a big difference in a very short time and this is a great benefit of doing Pilates and why it is so popular today.

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