Power Pilates

Pilates is an art form that was developed by Joseph Pilates to help athletes and actors to train. Power Pilates is a company that will teach you the art of Pilates and has been in operation since 1989. In 1997, they got the rights to give certification classes in New York so that the art of Pilates could live on.

Since Power Pilates has a lot of demand for quality instructors they will assist and help you become educated on the art of Pilates so that you can bring to network your own clients and let the teachings of Pilates keep going strong. Right now, they have more than 2,000 instructors that are certified in Pilates and are able to teach.

When it comes to Pilates there are over 500 exercises to do and you have a limited amount of time to do them, hence, you have to be a strong and quick learner. You have to be truly committed to being an instructor for you to cut it. You not only have to learn the basic moves but you have to learn about all the specialty cases like when the client is expecting. You will learn how to use the tools so that you can give your clients a successful workout.

Power Pilates is ran by Dr. Howard Sichel and he happens to be the founder of the corporation as well. They try to incorporate 100 years of experience with Pilates training when you go to become an instructor. They operate in six locations in New York city, as well as, in Southern California and Chicago.

They will teach you the exercises and the principles behind the moves. They have a system that will allow you to learn all that you can about palates. They will teach you the art form in a simple and basic way so that you don't feel overwhelmed with information. They will guide you so that you can be able to control not only your body, but the client's body's as well. You will learn how to handle your clients and to know when they are at their breaking point.

Each instructor that becomes certified will be well ready to teach the moves and help their clients understand the message behind the moves. They will be able to explain to the clients all about Pilates as well as what each move does for the body. They will help the clients and instructors become well aware of the entire art form of Pilates.

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