Pilates Pregnancy

When you are pregnant, you will find yourself wanting to stay active. Your body is changing and stretching for the baby, but not in a good way. You may find that you feel that you're gaining too much weight or stretching out too much.

You will want to ask your doctor if you are able to begin a Pilates regiment so that you can have a safe and healthy child, but still stay well within reach of fitness. Pilates is great for pregnancies because it is a low intense workout program. Once you have approval from your doctor, you will want to make sure that you start Pilates right away.

You should note that you will need to do all of the exercises and stretches if you are going to see any results. You will need to see what your instructor recommends to you. However, you will need to give the program a couple of months before you decide that it's not working for you.

If you aren't seeing the results that you would like, you are going to have to push yourself. When it comes to a pregnancy you don't want to push yourself hard, but you will want to make sure that after the baby you give it your all and the pounds will fall off. Also, if you notice that any of the moves make you feel uncomfortable or painful you should tell your doctor and then discontinue that one move. If you have an instructor you should also ask them as to what you can do to supplement for that move.

Although most of the exercises that you do are done while on your back, you can also use the reformer to help you do a number of exercises that are in the upright position. It's different for everyone. You may find something uncomfortable, but if you try something else that's similar you might be just fine.

Everyone is different also. Some women can do the exercises while pregnant and other have to stop for a couple months until the baby is born. If you doctor recommends that you take it easy, you should yield your workouts. You will want to do some exercises like walking instead of Pilates. This way you aren't pushing yourself too hard and also you can still stay in shape during the pregnancy.

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