Joseph Pilates

Joseph Pilates is the man who come up with the Pilates workout that has now become very popular among the younger crowd, as well as, homemakers, and many celebrities. He's workout allows you to tone down by building the muscle, but not spend hours lifting.

It won't make you look like a body builder, but it will allow you to tone down and tighten all those flabby flaws that you may have. As a child Joseph has many illnesses, however, it find strength in training and eventually became a boxer and trainer. He loved skiing, swimming, and gymnastics and he developed his workout so that you can tone and do some of the things that you love to do.

The motions that you see in Pilates is from everyday outdoor activities. In 1926 he came to America to teach others he's routine. He ended up in New York and taught many of the local dancers, actors, and athletes how to stay fit with his routine. The routine may be old, but it is a timeless and easy way to cut the inches off your body.

Today, the routine is used all over the world and taught at many of the local gyms. You will find that many celebrities and athletes are given credit to Pilates for their figure and strength. You will find that you too can be fit and young again by just doing an hour of Pilates. You can even get this routine on DVD to do your training in the connivance of your own home and within the privacy of your own home.

If you are looking to jump into the Pilates routine, you will find that your local gyms will have the course available for you to join. You can also go to any store that sells DVDs and find many of the Pilates video tapes. Once you bring Pilates home you will be able to workout and tone down without the embarrassment of a gym.

If you have an extra couple hundred dollars to use a week you may even want to get a personal trainer. There are many personal trainers who are willing to give you the complete Pilates workout and push you like Joseph intended to do, like he did with his clients. Joseph Pilates was a man who once was weak, but grew strong by doing simple workout moves that later would improve hundreds of people's mental and physical health.

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