Joseph Pilates designed the exercise known as Pilates. He used a workout routine that helped him became strong. He once was weak and fragile, but with the help of certain exercises he grew up to be strong and toned. He's routine took him from being a boy to a man.

The best part of Pilates is that you don't have to worry about being at the gym all day or lifting the weights. Most people like the idea of toning down, but they are afraid to go to the gym. With Pilates you will find that you can do it in the comfort of your home by watching videos or you can get a personal trainer to help you get the basics down. Pilates will help your body become stronger and toned. You won't have to strain your body doing difficult moves or any strenuous body building activities.

You just have to focus on your body and the way that you move when you do the Pilates workout. If you think that you have what it takes to discipline yourself, then you should try Pilates. You need to make sure that you do it everyday and you will also need to discipline yourself from eating all those tasty, but unhealthy treats. If you can do Pilates everyday and watch what you eat, you should be able to lose the inches and the pounds.

Pilates will help you lose the inches guaranteed, if you stick with the routine. However, you have to diet for the Pilates to help you lose the weight. The only way that you will benefit from the program is if you get it your all and do not cheat.

You need to do the workouts at least twice a week, but you will notice a change in yourself within two weeks. You will feel like you have more energy and your tone will begin to change as well. You will want to start off by exercising two or three times a week and then as you get use to the program you can gradually step up your game.

You will need to purchase some equipment if you are going to do it at home. You will want to make sure that the you read the back of the DVD so that you know what you need to do the video tape, however, you may want to think about going to the gym. You will see more results at the gym because you have someone supporting and pushing you to do more.

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