Women’s Fitness Aids – Fad or Fabulous?

Women’s fitness has become a big market for companies, and every industry from clothing stores to sports equipment to hair and makeup has jumped on the exercise bandwagon. Special spandex and Lycra clothing turns up everywhere you go, and makeup companies boast of blush that won’t run and eye shadow that lasts in the toughest conditions. Sports equipment retailers push fantastic new gadgets specifically designed for women’s fitness that are guaranteed to help people stay in shape.

But is all the hype around women’s fitness really geared to helping someone keep in shape, or are companies just trying to make a fast buck on people’s need to exercise and stay fit?

What’s Exercising All About?

Take a look at the real truth behind women’s fitness. Women today, and people in general, need to take a step back and think about trying to keep their bodies as fit as possible, for as long as they can. Fitness is about good health and inner beauty, while exercising makes us stronger, live longer, and we feel good in general. So why do companies focus on the look of women’s fitness by encouraging women to purchase fancy suits and special equipment? Let’s be real – every time we buy something in a store, we’re helping someone else make money.

Go deeper than that. In today’s world image is everything, even though it shouldn’t be. Women buy things that make them look good, and feel good. When they feel good about something, women are motivated and encouraged to work harder at it, and do the best they can. Women’s fitness isn’t just about staying in good shape, it’s about women’s self-image in general.

Most women exercise to lose weight, or tone arms or thighs. If those black-and-pink stretch shorts help them work harder at exercising, then buying them isn’t a bad thing. If their makeup doesn’t blotch or run, and they come out of the exercise gym looking just as good as when they went in, feeling better because they’ve accomplished something, then they’ll go back again.

The answer to the question of whether women’s fitness aids are fads or fabulous isn’t a simple one. Women can exercise just as easily in sweatpants, with their hair tied back in a ponytail, and their faces clean of any kind of makeup. If they want to work at their bodies, and stay in shape, and they have the motivation to keep at it, then the sweats and elastics are fine. But a lot of people today need that extra incentive to keep at a difficult task. Let’s face it - the important take-home message is that anything that motivates a person to do something positive again has to be a good thing.

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