How to Achieve Total Fitness

Experts will agree that the best way to achieve total fitness is to combine many different methods of exercise in the cardiovascular, strength (core)-training, and stretching schools of fitness. Total fitness begins with movement, but you don’t want to repeat the same movement for too long. Many people will experience sports injuries or stress-related injuries on certain ligaments or joints. The best way to prevent those injuries from happening is to incorporate lots of different activities to your work-out regimen. Total fitness should be about having a healthy heart, good lung capacity, and strong, lean muscles with an ideal BMI (body mass index).

What Should I Do to Achieve Total Fitness?

Total Fitness incorporates all of the different methods of exercise. The best way to do this is to work on one aspect of exercise a day. For instance, one day could be your cardio day, and then the next day can be your strength training day, followed by your stretching and toning on the third day. This way you are able to give your muscles and tendons time to heal and recover before the next workout.


There are many different types of cardiovascular workouts. The idea here is to get your heart pumping, your intake of air increasing, and your blood moving. Jogging, brisk walking, cycling, aerobics, Stairmasters, ski machines, and sports (basketball, tennis, soccer, etc…) are all different types of cardiovascular workouts.

Strength Training

The big myth about strength training is that if you lift weights, you will get bigger, and that is simply not true. There is no way to get bigger than your muscles are designed to be by lifting weights. Actually, lifting weights will help you to burn more fat, increase bone density, give your body shape, and increase your confidence. Strengthening your muscles is imperative to reach total fitness.


Most people begin their workout regimen by stretching for a few minutes before and/or after their workout. Stretching, strength training, and cardiovascular exercise all go hand-in-hand. A total hour should be dedicated to just stretching, yoga, or Pilates. The main reason for this is to avoid injury by improving balance, strengthening joints and tendons, and relaxing the muscles and organs. Stretching is imperative after any type of movement. The best time to do your stretching is after cardiovascular workouts and not before. Cardio is best done while the muscles are cool.

Total fitness involves many different aspects of exercise. The best way to achieve a great shape and a healthy body is to incorporate cardiovascular exercise, strength training, and stretching. Each area goes together with the other and when in sync, you will have grace. Grace in everything that you do is the ultimate goal. The most amount of movement with the least amount of effort, while perfectly controlled and totally surrendered. Total fitness is as if something or someone else is moving you, yet your completely aware and in total control.

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