The Difference Between Male Fitness and Female Fitness

Exercising is done at many levels and for different reasons; while some exercise for fun, others make a career out of it, and yet others exercise to keep healthy and maintain a shapely body.

Male Fitness and Female Fitness

Male fitness – generally men exercise to create and emphasize the muscle mass in their bodies thus they need a more vigorous workout, which includes the use of most fitness equipment. Lifting heavy weights with both arms and legs is often a big part of the workout in order to define the muscles.

Female fitness – women generally work out to loose, achieve, and maintain desire weight, after which toning and defining a shapely silhouette is the main goal. They require vigorous workout too but in a slightly different way. Women need to increase their metabolism rate and tone the muscles not emphasize them, thus cardio exercises, such as jogging and power walking, are most recommended.

Both men and women use weights, but women mostly use just to tone the arms and legs, thus not crossing the 20lbs free weights. Men on the other hand use only from 20lbs upwards as they are looking for building muscles, as well as toning at the same time.

Male fitness requires a different diet than that of female fitness, as each one targets different goals. Men are usually put on a strict protein diet and women on a low calorie one.

Great Exercise Tips

While the male fitness is entirely different than female fitness general practices to ensure desired results are more or less similar. Here are a few:

Proper fitness gear enables comfortable exercising and injury free sessions. Exercising without proper equipment can cause serious injury, just as running without adequate trainers will hurt your soles, ankles, and even spinal cord.

Never allow yourself to get dehydrated for your workout, always carry a bottle of water just in case none is available in the gym.

Do not over exercise beyond your capacity, so listen to your body and stop when you feel any pain or discomfort. Exercise should always be fun and entertaining, thus you will look forward to the next session and not dislike it. Enjoying your fitness workout will help you get desired results quicker as you will not try to cut down or do an exercise half way.

Exercise also releases stress so, indulge yourself in it whenever possible and try to work every minute of it for a better, healthier, stress-free life.

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