Four Components to an Effective Health and Fitness Program

Skepticism would abound if a pill was advertised that, if taken, would help us to look better, feel better, relieve stress, prevent or lower blood pressure, build stronger bones, and ward off other physical ailments. Then, if we found out that it was true, what a miracle drug that would be.

Unfortunately, there is no such pill, but there is a four-dimensional program that, when adhered to, will offer those same benefits. The dynamic is a heath and fitness program and the four components to the plan is a commitment to you, physical exercise, proper nutrition, and mental exercise.


A health and fitness program begins with a commitment. This commitment is an affirmation of your worth coupled with your intention stating this health and fitness program is successfully entered into by you. This promise to yourself will see you through those times of doubt and frustration and will lead to a healthier you.

Physical Exercise

Secondly, a health and fitness program begins with physical exercise. Physical exercise in turn brings about physical fitness, and physical fitness is enjoying the vitality of life through increased energy levels.

Physical exercise is about stimulating and challenging the body. Similar to the challenges we face, the body responds to challenged exercise. This is accomplished by increasing its capacity to perform, thus providing increased stamina. Physical exercise is not just on the weekends, but should be part of a daily routine and can be incorporated into activities you enjoy.

This daily routine should include cardiovascular exercises designed to increase the heart and respiration rate. Running, swimming, walking, and bicycling are examples of cardiovascular exercise.

Additionally, a health and fitness program should include exercises that help to utilize and strengthen the muscles. A weight lifting program, pushups, deep knee bends, etc. are examples of muscle stimulating exercises.

Nutritional Exercise

In addition to physical exercise, the second key component as part of your health and fitness program should be your diet. Careful attention should be given to what foods you eat rather than how much.

Meals should consist of what the body needs and not what our taste buds want, such as vegetables and servings of fruit. Great care should be taken to limit you intake of sugar, cholesterol, alcohol, and salt.

Mental Exercise

The final element of a health and fitness program is mental exercise. What begins in the mind is demonstrated through our actions. Mental exercise can include the reading of successful testimonials, articles, and books that will stimulate your willpower.

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