What Should You Look for in a Fitness Trainer?

Most of us don’t have the first clue of what to look for when shopping for a personal fitness trainer. We want to get in shape, we want the personal one-on-one of having someone guide us towards our goals, and we want to exercise properly. There are many important questions to ask a fitness trainer before settling on the person that’s right for you.

Certification is very important. A fitness trainer should have credentials that show they’ve been trained in what they do, and they can give you the proper information about how to work on becoming stronger or faster. Ask the trainer if they’re certified, and if they are, where did they receive their credentials? Don’t be afraid to use the Internet to look up the place they name, and make sure that the center the fitness trainer named is one that’s qualified and recommended.

Another thing you’ll want to make sure of is location. Will the fitness trainer come to your house? Are they only available if you visit the gym they work at? Both options have their own advantages. Gyms have up-to-date equipment that you don’t have to purchase, but you might have to split the trainer’s time with other people. Would you have to schedule appointments with the fitness trainer, or are they on-site and available all the time?

Of course, personal training carries a price, so what will the fitness trainer charge you? If the person is from a particular gym, do they have specials or yearly memberships? You’ll need to know how often you’ll be required to work out and should ask if the trainer will be working with you each time you exercise. It’s also good to ask if the fitness trainer has references and whether a list of phone numbers to call is available. Don’t just hang on to those references, call the clients and ask if they were satisfied.

Is Price and Availability Enough?

There’s more than just cost and time involved when looking for a fitness trainer. Someone conscientious that cares about the shape your body is in should ask about medical conditions you might have, or whether you take medication that stress and blood pressure can affect. If you have a heart condition, a fitness trainer needs to keep that in mind when he’s working with you, to maintain the proper level of activity. Make sure the trainer is able to work with different types of people – someone older won’t receive the same instruction as a younger person, and the exercises won’t be the same.

Do you feel comfortable around them? Have the person demonstrate how he’d work with you and judge whether you feel right with the vocabulary and explanations he uses. Make sure the fitness trainer keeps you feeling good about yourself, and if it’s someone that pushes you beyond what you feel comfortable with, or condescends and degrades you, then you’d be better off finding someone else.

Self-image is important when exercising and you need someone who encourages you the whole way. In the end, you want to find a fitness trainer that helps you attain your goals, cares about how you’re working, and makes sure you’re feeling good about yourself.

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