A Fitness Tip to Remember

The two easiest ways to staying healthy are exercise and a healthy diet, but I am not telling you anything new, so why does it work for some and it doesn’t for another?

Fitness Tip # 1

The fitness tip that all experts will emphasize is to listen to your body. Whether you are exercising for a lifetime or are a beginner, your body will tell you when you have done enough or when the exercise is not right for you. Some of the symptoms will manifest in chest pains and shortness of breath, while others will give you a sensation of fainting.

In the above cases one must stop the exercise immediately and revise the techniques and/or exercise requirements and procedures.

Fitness Tip # 2

Exercise and dieting should be done with one’s age and body weight in mind. While some have exercised all their lives, some just started for the first time an exercise routine, and for both it is essential that they consider their present health, body weight, and age. Specific exercises are designed that all age groups can benefit alike.

Fitness Tip #3

Keep consistent with your exercise and diet for desired results. It is a known fact that some expect immediate results when starting an exercise and diet program. It is also known that such programs take at least two to four weeks before any progress can be seen; thus, do not give up from one day to another just because your scale and mirror fail to show immediate results.

Another common mistake is to stop the exercise as soon as required results are obtained and go back to your previous eating habits and life style. This will result by ending up with a higher weight afterwards than before you started the program.

Fitness Tip # 4

Exercise everyday for a little bit rather then 2 days a week for extended periods of time. This will keep your body fit and toned and not create sudden muscular mass, which when overdone does not always look good.

Keeping a regular schedule with your exercise, as well as watching your diet, will provide you a well-shaped body and good health with a longer life.

Practicing any exercise does not only get one a good appearance, but also reduces stress and brings peace and overall harmony to the body and mind.

Enjoy a healthy life!

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