The Benefits of the Fitness Ball

Everyday there is new and improved equipment launched on the market for weight loss and fitness; some of them are a great addition while some are not even worth considering. The fitness equipment that works best is the one that gets your body to work out the most without causing it any strain or injuries.

Fitness Ball

Aerobics, Yoga and Pilates are widely practiced and for good reasons, as it provides a complete body workout, burns calories and helps with weight loss. What else can you ask for? It is probably easiest to use fitness equipment that will target the stubborn areas such as the abdomen, buttocks and thighs.

Fitness ball – this is one of the best fitness additions you can invest in; here is how it works to your benefit:

Abdomen, buttocks and thighs – these are areas that most women and some men as well have great difficulty perfecting with just plain exercise and at times, additional help is required. Well, a fitness ball helps you target these areas without the use of weights and other heavy gym equipment which are hard to use and can cause severe damage to your muscles and back.

How to Use a Fitness Ball

Usually all fitness balls come with instructions and a number of exercises as well; follow them step by step in order to get desired results. Here is a simple workout: * Inflate the ball as per instructions. * Lay on it on your back with your torso hanging; put the pressure of your body on your legs and on the ball. * Lift yourself to a 45 degree angle to exercise the abdomen, torso and thigh muscles. Do sets of 8 at a time with a minute pause in between, up to 5 sets at a time. You will want to increase the number of sets that you do as you find it more comfortable.

The fitness ball then can be deflated and stored away safely or in can be used as a chair as well, it will help you maintain the optimum posture while watching TV or working at your desk.

Try it out for yourself and feel the difference - a healthier, toned body, great looking abdomens without the painful traditional abdomens that can hurt your back and spinal cord in the process.

Easy to use and store, the fitness ball is inexpensive equipment which will radically change the way you feel about doing abdomens. It can be found in specialized stores of gym equipment or at department stores in the sports section.

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