Three Considerations in Choosing the Best Home Fitness Equipment

In searching for the best home fitness equipment it is important to remember that a complete exercise program focuses on the entire body. If you compared your body to your home you could make the argument that your home is not just the roof, the walls or the foundation. Your home is a compilation of these three major components and more. Therefore, attention should be given to each aspect of your home and repair provided appropriately.

The same can be said about our bodies. Our bodies are more than just our brain, heart, lungs, muscles, etc. Each part of the body deserves our attention and care so that the entire body remains healthy.

So it is when choosing the best home fitness equipment. Equipment chosen should attend to the health and invigoration of the three major physical parts of our body. Those three critical areas of the human body are the cardiovascular system, the skeletal muscle system and the ligaments and tendons.


Cardiovascular or aerobics (with oxygen) is an important aspect to a physical exercise regimen and choice of the best home fitness equipment. Aerobics is defined as an exercise that utilizes the larger muscles of the body, such as the biceps, leg muscles, thigh muscles, etc. This activity is performed over an extended period of time resulting in deep breathing and an increase in the heart rate. A good cardiovascular workout will elevate your heart rate to about 105 to 112 beats per minute.

Treadmills and stationary bikes are great examples of the best home fitness equipment that provide the best aerobics workout. The benefits of a regular exercise schedule, utilizing this equipment, helps in the possibility of weight-loss, strengthening of the heart, an increase in HDL cholesterol (good cholesterol), and an increase in energy levels.

Muscle Development

Muscular development is a key element in maintaining the health of the body and should be considered when choosing the best home fitness equipment. Muscular development is not about twenty-one inch biceps, but focuses more on the muscle tone, muscle strength for posture control, strengthening the heart, and decreasing blood pressure.

Choices of the best home fitness equipment for muscle development include freestanding weights, dumbbells, and other weight resistance equipment.


Stretching exercises focus on the tendons, ligaments, and muscles. Stretching is a warm-up process accomplished prior to your exercise program. Stretching will help to prevent injuries that are caused by not appropriately preparing the body.

Some of the best home fitness equipment to use for your stretching exercises includes resistance bands or tubes, back stretcher, and slant boards.

Remember, as with all exercise plans, it is best to consult with your physician prior to undertaking any strenuous exercise activity.

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