Three Considerations in Choosing the Best Fitness Equipment

There are many schools of thought regarding the issue of what is the best fitness equipment. Some would suggest that weight training is the best form of physical exercise because of the resistance created in challenging the muscles and the good aerobics workout that elevates the heart rate, as well as respirations. They would further argue that the ligaments and tendons are exercised to maintain their flexibility.

Others would argue a bicycle is the best fitness equipment to utilize. Their thoughts would include the benefits of a great conditioning workout and in exercising the leg and heart muscles. Additionally, their comments may include the added bonus of enjoying the outdoors.

The truth of the matter may be that whatever exercise equipment you use may be the best fitness equipment for you. Therefore, in choosing the best fitness equipment, it is important that you consider that exercise that will be the most meaningful for you. Considerations would include the use of equipment in which you will not lose interest and that will provide the healthy benefits that you are looking for.


An exercise program, for some, is not the most enjoyable time of the day. It is sometimes difficult to get motivated or perhaps we just don’t seem to have or make the time. A suggestion would be to combine what you enjoy doing with an element of exercise.

For example, if you take pleasure in the outdoors or having family time together, the best fitness equipment might be the purchase of bikes for the whole family. The family could all bike together and enjoy the benefits of exercise as well. Or, the best fitness equipment might be a weight system for the home, in which family time could again be incorporated into the “family fitness hour,” in addition to receiving the benefits of weight training.

Additionally, another enjoyment consideration is the question of where you like to exercise? If you enjoy being home rather than at a fitness club, perhaps the best fitness equipment is the apparatus that can be used in the home.


Another component in selecting the best fitness equipment for you is the selection of that tool that will continue to be beneficial and keep you challenged. Many of our yard sales and closets contain items that prove to be a passing fad. The optimum result of the best fitness equipment is that equipment will keep you engaged to enjoy the lasting results of physical exercise.


A key fact in determining the best fitness equipment for you is by determining your fitness goals. If you want to build strength, increase muscle tone and have a good aerobic workout perhaps a weight set maybe the answer. If you want your exercising to provide a good cardiovascular workout, then a treadmill may be your answer. There are many equipment options on the market. What you wish to accomplish in your exercise program will aid in selecting the best fitness equipment for you.

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